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Beyond just bars

Mobile Guinness bar
  • Sweets and concessions
  • Full service, bars and catering

    Combined, full service bars   x

    With our trusted connections to associated services we can combine to bring you some outstanding catering options - we can even combine these with our bespoke bars to provide a full catering and refreshment service.

  • Soft drinks

    Soft drinks   x

    Always keen to promote sensible drinking we offer a full range on non-alcoholic drinks, previously we've created coffee stands, frozen drink stalls and even mock-tail bars.

  • Luxury picnic boxes

    Personal picnic boxes   x

    Amazingly presented - and the perfect accompaniment to our wine and champagne bars; these luxury, self-contained, personal picnic boxes are perfect for serving high volumes quickly.

  • Losin sweet stand

    The Sweet Shop   x

    A new edition to our operation, The Sweet Shop, satisfies the sweet tooth for all ages with its range of pick'n'mix, candy floss, popcorn and oceans of other confectionary.

A complete service...

At Stedman Brothers we know that events are more than just bars: soft drinks, catering options and concessions - its these little extras that really light up events...

...We've been in this business a fair time - that's helped us built up some great connections with companies we trust to provide you with specialised associated services. From full meals to bespoke coffees, crew catering to VIP dining - we'll handle everything to bring you a seamless, one stop solution for all your service needs for your event.

This all means you get a complete service that far exceeds that which you would normally expect from just a bar - and allows you to concentrate on the organisation of your main event.

Case study: Winter Wonderland 2011 - Cardiff

Stedman Brother Events have been sole bar providers to Cardiff's Winter Wonderland since its launch 10 years ago. A consistent level of service, and commitment to keep making the event better with each year, meant that in 2011 we were tasked with providing not only full bar, but also full cafe and restaurant facilities within the main marque.

This all meant the creation of a stylish, modern theme for the interior of the Ice Cafe, an exciting new menu offering a delicious array of seasonal Welsh produce and mulled wine, coffee and cakes - in addition we supplied adding outdoor units serving concessions and confectionary for happy revellers at the Wonderland's ever popular ice-skating rink.

Cardiff city were delighted with the results of the re-structuring, so much so that preparations are well under way for us to continue bringing new and inspiring ideas to the next staging of this popular annual event.