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Bespoke bars

Mobile Guinness bar
  • Picnic & wine bar @ Royal Ascot
  • Stedman Brothers at the Royal Horticulture Show

    Champagne & Pimm's umbrella bar   x

    This island bar was especially designed to provide a real hub in any area.

  • Stedman Brothers at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show

    Royal Welsh    x

    Providing a vibrant festival bar at the Royal Welsh youth village. The 40 metre bar gave the crowd all the beverages they could want including a range of cocktails and frozen drinks; which of course all the farmers love

  • Stedman Brothers at Cardiff Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland bar   x

    A custom bar for Cardiff's Winter Wonderland was designed with happy families in mind. serving a full range of food and drinks whilst keeping that magical Winter feeling.

  • Stedman Brothers bar design

    Your perfect bar?   x

    The whole idea of a bespoke bar is to get the bar that's right for you and your event, so why not get in touch and we'll get started on your perfect bar.

Any bar you can imagine...

Tired of the same old event bars? Really want to make your bar stand out? Fit perfectly into your event theme? Promote your brand? Or maybe you've just always wanted to see what a pirate themed bar would look like? We can help turn your vision of the perfect bar into reality...

...Our bespoke bars offer the ultimate in flexibility. We will work with you to make sure the design, visual presentation, menu and just about everything else is built around your personal needs or specification.

Don't worry we'll be there with you through every step of creating your own personal bar heaven. Our wealth of experience means were on hand to give you expert advice on some of the more technical issues; analysing your target audience, expected volumes and location that way we can recommend the perfect dispense equipment, bar specifications and all the little things to really make your occasion special.

Case study: Champagne & Pimm's Umbrella Bar

When tasked with designing a custom champagne bar for Royal Ascot we took our inspiration from the elegant, sophisticated nature of champagne.

We created a multi-sided 5 metre bar; having bar space available on all sides ensures the bar becomes a central focus point of the area it is installed thusly creating the perfect spot for people to socialise. Finishing touches like floral arrangements, uniformed staff and a luxurious covering sunshade really helped to create a summer country club atmosphere, the perfect surroundings for enjoying a cold glass of the bubbly stuff.